I approach this day with mixed feelings – yes I want to celebrate all the achievements of women that have brought us at least in Europe and to an extend in the US to have relative comfortable lives, but as the election approaches and I hear the backward fundamental thinking of some of the candidates – specifically when it regards gender, orientation and religious equality, I feel my heart become heavy with the work that is left done, here in this country alone. Then there are my Sisters in countries with no rights, and no protection, while at least here I have a voice to speak out. There is so much to do, so much that needs to be done so that the next generation of little girls coming into this world have a true fighting chance. So while I wish you all a Happy International Women’s Day – I call upon all of us who can stand up to do something that will bring some change so there is no need anymore for this one day of the year, and every day of each year is a day of true equality.


Goddess Blessings to you All!