I am currently writing poetry as a part of the National Poetry Writing Month. I am not a poet, so this is a rather interesting challenge that I took on for exactly that reason, because it is out of my box of comfort. Sometimes we have to just step out of what we usually do, not only to learn new skills that are obvious, such as how to write a constructive Haiku, but also to grow personally. Applying oneself constantly to challenges, may it be something as “small” as eating food from different cultures, never tried before, or something bigger then participating in a challenge, such as the many charity walks out there, or just like what I am writing about here, writing poetry, and taking part of NaPoWriMo. 

If you want to read my attempts of different forms of poems, you can find my writing blog here: http://mylittleavalon.blogspot.com/ .


See you at the other end of this challenge